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KaosSoul / Oct 30, 2013
It is with Great regret that i announce this, Harmony is to be disbanded, with LO seemingly not comming out, and most members dispersed to the corners of the internet, along with personall issues , i cant uphold the joy and fun time for this guilds members. I hope all of you will understand.

May we see each other in a Better Future
KaosSoul / Jan 26, 2013
Hello Everyone , im now back in action. Sorry for all this downtime.

On other news Path of Exile just started its Open Beta and Aeria's Scarlet Blade is now in Closed Alpha. More interesting news are moving at Starbound also!

I am still searching for intresting games to play in groups, and might start streaming games also on twitch!

Game Suggestions are welcome, i know Nelyra is still playing Epic Mafia Daily also, while im currently playing Minecraft on a FTB server.

you can reach me on skype : Amrassoul
or via Email :

Have a good day!
KaosSoul / Nov 16, 2012
The time is here.

KR LO has launched their LO website:
You can register at:
Simple, just put your email in, check the two boxes.
On the next page enter your pass, twice!
Then your full name and gender.

Check your email to activate your account, your username is the first part of your email before the @ sign.

Aeria KR LO players will be using Raid Call while playing this, the raid cal group I.D is: 3300772
Get Raid Call @

The download isn't up yet!
But there is tons of info I will be updating this post all day as I add in the info!

DEFINITELY Check this out, its an animated guide site for LO~

There are 7 dungeons currently, one at lvl 9,15,18,30,35 and two at 40

There apparently seems to be a lot more maps now as well~

Classes evolve every 15 levels now!

credits to Passion leader blueberry
KaosSoul / Sep 24, 2012
Hello Hello this is Kaos Speaking,yes i am still in this world and living well, i have recently moved to my new home with my wife Nelyra, things are going great, but my play time has been cut short to a minimal amount, i am and will still keep this guild on and up, if any questions arise do not esitate to mail me @

I check my mails daily and thus its the best way to reach me to talk to me about virtualy anything, you can email me just to talk or about problems/issue.

Have a Good Day

- Kaos
KaosSoul / Aug 18, 2012
Hello this is Kaos once again with news for Gw2!

We will team up with our Allied guild Passion, for this game and will be activly recruting new members over the course of the lifetime in Gw2, we will attemp to join Gate of Madness has Home Server, for any specific question don't be afraid to ask Kaos or Nashah for info, the Game is B2P 60$ once for the basic version(enought unless your into collectibles)
Prepare drinks and Snack and meet us at midnight GMT -7(PDT) for the Pre-Launch on the 25!
Be warry the Pre-Launch might start up to 3h earlier!

Still no news for LO asside that Thai LO wont open before KLO
KaosSoul / Jul 25, 2012
Sup its Kaos again!

Still no intresting news for Aeria LO exept that its confirmed we wont receive it until Korean LO is back up and working well, i took uppon me to delete Tera from our played games, I firmly belive barely anyone is playing it, i also removed its Forum section.

Small Notice, use your common sence when you are using the public chat, be kind to people, and if any problem occur discuss it in private or seek higher autorities such has Nashah, Nelyra, Bon or myself.

Last note you might want to look at this! Starbound , while not yet released you can still see the concept!

New Thread for Suggestion to what to do is Up!