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Harmony News -18-08-2012

KaosSoul / Aug 18, 2012
Hello this is Kaos once again with news for Gw2!

We will team up with our Allied guild Passion, for this game and will be activly recruting new members over the course of the lifetime in Gw2, we will attemp to join Gate of Madness has Home Server, for any specific question don't be afraid to ask Kaos or Nashah for info, the Game is B2P 60$ once for the basic version(enought unless your into collectibles)
Prepare drinks and Snack and meet us at midnight GMT -7(PDT) for the Pre-Launch on the 25!
Be warry the Pre-Launch might start up to 3h earlier!

Still no news for LO asside that Thai LO wont open before KLO

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